Cookies, please!

As one would’ve been able to see from my previous post, I really like coffee. Sometimes one wants something to enjoy with your coffee and what would be better than cookies or rusks. The word cookie, as we know it, originates from the Dutch word “koekje” also known as “koekie” in Afrikaans. In Afrikaans “koekie” is the diminutive form of the word “koek” which is cake in English – luckily the English don’t speak of “caky”, it would’ve really been quite funny. “Can I have a “caky” with my tea please?” No. Keep in mind that the word biscuit is also used to refer to a cookie, but with people moving around the globe the words “cookie”, “cracker” and “biscuit” have different meanings in different places (these exclude slang references to these words).

Cookies are really enjoyable with coffee and to me it is really a treat to be able to devour some cookies with my coffee. As we all know, after seeing the Oreo advertisement, there are some weird and interesting ways to enjoy cookies. I like to take bite of the cookie first and after savoring the taste I will take a sip of my coffee just to swallow it down. Sometimes the coffee isn’t even necessary, I would eat a whole packet of cookies by myself. It is like some people would devour a piece of chocolate or pizza (I like those too, by the way). My favorite cookies include Romany Creams – the original choc and Eet-Sum-Mor Biscuits – short bread of any kind will actually do. There are some amazing recipes out there and I would really recommend the short bread from Seattle Coffee co. Even though I have these preferences I enjoy home made biscuits as well and they are made with love which makes them taste even better.

Speaking of the word “cookie”, there are some funny idioms with “cookie” and the one that comes to mind is, “that’s the way the cookie crumbles“. Sometimes we have to accept a slightly unfortunate event that we have no control over. There will come a time in one’s life that you will want something with your whole heart but are you are unable to get it. These things may include a job you really want, that new outfit that caught your eye in the shopping mall, or someone who stole your heart but doesn’t reciprocate the way you feel about them. These things are all things you cannot (necessarily) control and are determined by the choices other people make. It might be that there is something better in store for you, who knows. I know it’s not easy and one will feel unhappy if you cannot get what you want, especially if you’ve worked hard for it.

When this happens to you and you feel a little sad, treat yourself with a cookie and accept that there was and is really nothing you were able to do about the situation.




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