Christmas: 3 things not to buy

Christmas FireplaceI can’t imagine that it is that time of the year again. December has come too quickly, I just wish there were a few more weeks in this year so that I can do the things I didn’t do while I was busy with my studies – now that I have a holiday (kind of). You will probably ask yourself why on earth would this man still like this year to be a bit longer while others are just wishing for the new year to start already. Well, the answer is quite simple: I would like to rest as well – growing up is hard. Nobody told you that growing up is a trick: holidays are only a few days long.

Nonetheless, December is here and I am going to embrace the last few days that’s left of this year. I enjoy spending time with my family and doing the things I should (and want to) do on my own time. Another thing, Christmas is on it’s way. To me, it is not all about the presents, but being with family. The feeling of togetherness is something you don’t really experience any other time of the year. Even though it is not about the presents there are still some things I would not like to receive as a gift. Not for Christmas, or any other time of the year – people are in anyway going to buy gifts so make it worth the receiver’s while.

So here is my 3 things nobody should buy someone else for Christmas:

1. Clothes

When someone buys me clothes it is either too big, too small, really not my style or something they would wear themselves. If you would like to buy someone clothing you should know for sure that they are going to wear it and wanted the shirt (or any other piece of clothing) for a very long time. Alternatively just give them a gift card, they will buy them something they like for sure.

2. Toiletries

This is an easy cop out – especially buying a gift for men. No, do not buy someone shower gel, shampoo or deodorant for Christmas. If it’s expensive cologne it is a rather different situation – this also usually happens when the person knows the other person really well. If you have the money to buy someone their special fragrance for Christmas, be my guest, otherwise not. Be a tad more creative.

3. Useless gifts in general

You are going through all the trouble to buy this person a gift for Christmas, why not make it something that they will be able to use. They will then also be reminded of the great time they had during the festive season when they use the present.

Christmas time is a time where families come together after they’ve been busy with other things during the year – maybe living past one another. Make this then the time to get to know that person a little better again and find out what he or she likes. Remember to do this in advance; last minute Christmas shopping is really not a pleasant thing to do.