Formal: make it, break it or fake it

Ek wonder baie keer of die dames weet dat die kêrels net soveel moeite insit vir die dinee as hulle (oukei, nou nie heeltemal nie, maar tog meer as wat hulle dink). Ek wil wegval om te begin met die kleredrag – dit is die grootste ding. Baie keer stem die ou in om iets aan te trek wat die dame se rok (of ander uitrusting) sal komplimenteer. Sommiges trek wel aan net wat hulle wil. Nietemin, moet keuses uitgeoefen word en dit neem baie maal ʼn noukeurige besluit. Die keuses lê gewoonlik tussen ʼn pak wat volledig een kleur is, of om die tendens te volg en ʼn chino aan te trek met ʼn bypassende baadjie. Daarna is dit die kleur van die hemp – moet dit inpas by die res van die uitrusting. En die das – lank, dun, groot, kleur? Ook skoene en ʼn gordel.

Ek probeer om nie te veel daaroor na te dink nie. As student is die keuse elk geval bietjie beperk, maar die kuns is om die kleure in jou kas so te kombineer dat dit lyk of jy amper nooit dieselfde klere dra nie. Instagram, Pintrest en net ʼn eenvoudige Google Images soektog behoort jou vinnig touwys te maak oor kombinasies wat werk, watter das gepas is vir jou liggaamsbou en watter skoene en gordel die beste by jou uitrusting gaan pas. Jy wil immers die dame beïndruk, so begin deur goed te lyk. (Dit is dalk voor die handliggend, maar in die vier jaar wat ek al dinees bygewoon het, was daar al ʼn paar verkeerde besluite geneem – soos bv. tekkies of ʼn T-hemp.)

Dan is dit ook (eintlik) die ou se plig om ʼn blom of twee te koop vir sy metgesel. Baie dames waardeer hierdie gebaar en is ook in hulle skik wanneer hulle blomme kry. Dit hoef nie noodwendig ʼn groot bos rose te wees nie (behalwe as dit nou jou meisie is, wat so iets verwag), maar net iets wat haar spesiaal sal laat voel. As jy haar regtig wil beïndruk kan jy haar of haar vriendinne vra wat haar gunsteling blom is en seker maak jy kry dit in die hande.

Laastens, moet jy weet hoe om haar belangrik te laat voel, asof sy die ster is van die aand – die fotosessie vooraf is die plek om dit vir haar te wys. Geniet die foto’s saam die ander ouens, maar maak seker jou metgesel weet sy is die een wat die kollig moet geniet. Dit is dieselfde op die dansvloer (doen maar moeite met die passies vooraf as jy weet jy het twee linkervoete). Kry ook genoeg om oor te gesels, julle wil nie die hele aand ongemaklik vir mekaar glimlag omdat julle nie oor enigiets kan praat nie – as jy moet YouTube ʼn paar interessante onderwerpe (gee haar ook darem ʼn kans om ʼn woord in te kry deur gepaste vrae te vra).

Opsommend, probeer maar net om die beste gentleman te wees wat jy kan!

Tot en met die dinee.






Must-watch series: GoT and TBBT


Recently, I don’t really have a lot of time to waste but a man needs time just to blow off some steam and what better way to do it than to watch some series. Yeah, movies are great, but the suspense series create by having to wait a week for the next episode is what make them so exciting. I would therefore like to share two of the series I consider a must watch.


First of all, nothing else than the very famous Game of Thrones. Now, some people will disagree with me and the three quarters of the rest of the world’s population will agree with me – to each their own. I consider this series a must-watch, not only because of its amazing story line but also because there are so many great components that form part of the story. The fantasy world collides with reality but it is not to such an extent that you  would want to stand up in disbelief. There is only a hint of magic, only Daenerys has dragons and only the Starks have wolfs. The characters are usually portrayed extremely well and the makers are certainly not afraid to make things happen. Of course, Game of Thrones is based on the books written by George R.R. Martin, but the essence of the story itself is still depicted in such a way that it has you on the edge of your seat for most of the time. It has an immense effect on me is and it truly makes me feel that I am part of the story which is in many cases the aim of television and books: to help you escape reality even just for a little while and experience a whole new world. If you have never seen this series, you may fall asleep in the first episode the way I did (I was really tired), but when you are hooked there is no way you’ll stop watching it.


Secondly, The Big Bang Theory, quite a contrast to that of Game of Thrones, but hear me out. Now, I was always aware of the series and never really paid attention to it until I was a second year varsity student. After I have watched the first few episodes, I thought it was really well written and I got used to the characters, ’cause boy, aren’t they something. My one friend even stopped watching it just because she couldn’t handle Sheldon’s character, which is, by the way, my favourite because he is so quirky, followed by Penny who just spices things up. I consider this series (sitcom) a must watch because the comedy is so sharp and fresh in every episode (even though there’re already 207 episodes). It is somehow intellectually stimulating by making you think that you can partake in some of the science conversations they have on the show. The other benefit this sitcom has, especially for students who want to take a quick break, is that the episodes are more or less 20 minutes and it can really get rid of some of the exam-stress by making you laugh out loud. The story line may make use of science, but I promise you that you won’t be bored by long explanations of how something works until you fall asleep like some do in class.

These are only two of the series I consider a must watch; others include SuitsVikings and American Horror Story. What are your must watch series?

Keep it real.


Excuse me, while I procrastinate


A while ago I walked into one of the buildings on campus, one where the graphic design students have most of their classes. I saw a poster on the wall with three characters on them… and it said, “Excuse me while I procrastinate”. At first I tried to figure out what do you want to be excused from? Perhaps the conversation while you’re going on Facebook or Instagram. Then, as the days went on and I bumped into the poster time after time, I considered that it might be a fictional band’s name. I think it would make a cool band name. The characters on the poster kind of reminded me of Phineas and Pherb – cool, swag, boyish.

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The poster kept me thinking and finally I asked one of the graphic design students, and one of my friends, what’s it all about. He told me that it is a project one of the students are working on. I then saw that this specific project had a Facebook page, a Blog and other social media accounts. I was rather quite surprised that it was such a big project. I read the entries on the blog explaining the project and what the aim of the project is. The most interesting thing about Nick of Time is that it encourages interaction not only on social media but also in real life. As it is explained, people interested in the project will get to together from time to time and there they will also be able to interact.

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This idea made me aware a few things I do myself, everyday. First of all, I also procrastinate a lot. Even one of my lecturers knows that I procrastinate – not always intentionally. The same lecturer told me about a clip from Ted Talks called Tim Urban: Inside the mind of the master procrastinator. Open the link and procrastinate a little. These days I try to “procrastinate” keeping myself busy with things that may actually inspire me, to write, to spark a conversation, etc.  There are some really great material out there, may it be a video, image or blog post, to inspire you, motivate you, or just make you laugh. Remember all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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Secondly, this project made me realize that there are actually more advantages to procrastinate and spending time on social media like Ben the bored-bouncing-browser than one might think. One of social media’s prime goals is to get people connected so make use of that function. Send a message to a long lost friend , share a video that might inspire someone and tag them in it, or maybe just post something funny that will make someone’s day. Create an event that will get you and your friends together: this way they will have no excuse not to attend because they know about the event and they’re reminded every time they go on Facebook. This way you’re not just connected virtually but in reality as well.

Lastly, I would like to mention that there are a lot of times we try to find something to distract us from our harsh reality and procrastination is one form of escaping from the task at hand. We all have different ways we procrastinate, if it is spending time on social media, cleaning your room instead of studying for exams or making yourself a sandwich after you already ate lunch just because you don’t want to start with that project – we all have something we keep ourselves busy with instead of what we are “supposed” to do. Some food for thought: try and find the the things that make you tick and turn them into those “supposed-to-do-things” so that you won’t necessarily have to take a break from it and procrastinate, but hey, who doesn’t love to click, click and click.

Share the ways on how you like to procrastinate in the comment box below and don’t forget to subscribe.

Just keep swimming – Finding Nemo.



Black Coffee

IMG_20150824_184441Black coffee may be something that most Europeans (and a lot of other people) enjoy. But back here in South Africa most people drink instant coffee which doesn’t taste as good if you do not add milk and sugar. I grew up in a family where coffee is something we drink everyday. My father drinks up to twelve cups of coffee a day. Following his example I started to drink coffee when I was 10 years old and soon drank just as much as he did. We had instant coffee in the house and I was fine drinking it for almost nine years until I came to university and started to drink filter coffee. Drinking this amount of coffee with two spoons of sugar was a lot of sugar intake per day. I decided to lessen it by drinking only one spoon of sugar with my coffee. This made me think that I could just as well get used to no sugar at all. There are a lot of disadvantages in drinking too much sugar. It was not that I necessarily wanted to make healthy lifestyle choices, I just wanted to enjoy the taste of coffee, and coffee only, a little more.

After a month of drinking sugarless coffee I decided to try my coffee without milk. It took quite a while to get used to the taste and today I drink my coffee black and bitter. Some of my friends still ask me, “Doesn’t it taste bad?” then I tell them, “As soon as you start drinking your coffee this way you won’t be able to drink it any other way.” I visited one of my friends who added some sugar to my coffee and it was horrible. It is also during some of these visits that I have to drink instant coffee. There are only certain types of instant coffees I would dare to drink, because some of them takes like really bad tea. I am really not a snob, but somethings in life are not worth compromising, and why should one?

I am also no coffee connoisseur but I know when I am drinking a good cup of coffee. The richness, the taste, the aroma – everything just blends well. Black coffee tastes amazing with some freshly baked goods and the very cliche croissant(something only becomes a cliche because of its popularity). And as I mentioned there are also some health benefits to drinking black coffee (click on the link to read and find out what they are). Try something new and maybe you will be surprised by the outcome. It may be that you even like it more than you thought you would. I always thought that black coffee must be the most disgusting thing one can drink, but alas, today it is one of the pleasures I wake up to each morning. It is like a ritual drinking my coffee – waking up, making coffee in either my coffee machine or plunger (it depends if I overslept or not), taking a shower giving the coffee time to finish up, and finally pouring the cup of coffee filling my nose with the amazing aroma’s of filter coffee.

This is how I start my day! What gets you up in the morning? Start to enjoy the small pleasures in life, it may end up being the greatest things in your life.

Keep it real.